vvvv gamma 2021.4.11 release

November 11, 2022 posted by: gregsn

This might come as a surprise to you. But here it is: vvvv gamma 2021.4.11 This one is all about improved reliability & performance and a tad of improved playfulness. If you were wondering: This is probably the one you want to use in a project.

If you instead want to get in touch with cutting-edge developments: head over to preview builds of 2022.5.


We found a way to rewrite the edit-while-running runtime in a way that is much more lightweight than before. You get improved performance and far fewer frame rate drops due to garbage collection.


We had several issues in the past where outdated patches were still running. This can’t happen anymore. We now have a security mechanism that rather triggers a restart of the user program than allowing it to run outdated code.


But then again, you don’t want to get into a situation where your patch restarts and forgets all its state. So that’s why we improved the hot-swap system quite a bit. Even complex patches will typically just evolve while they’re running and you’re patching.


These are the main points, but there were a lot of small bug fixes on the way, including everything from compiler fixes to minor irritations. All in all, when earlier you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was your fault or vvvvs fault, now it’s a lot clearer:

  • Whenever the log pops up: it’s vvvvs fault
  • Whenever you encounter colorful nodes: these are here to help you to find the issue in your code

These as well, be they pink, orange, or red ones, got a deep review. Finding bugs now is fun ;) For more details see the changelog:

Over the last month also some features made it into this build. But those were covered in separate blog posts already:

Thanks to the inclined reader, happy patching, yours devvvvs

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