The vvvv Show-Off-Reel Nr. 2

April 29, 2024 posted by: joreg

Only ~5 years after the initial vvvv Show-Off-Reel, here comes, without further ado:

Works in this reel were realized in the past ~6 years and thus include both vvvv beta as well as pure vvvv gamma projects.

Massive thanks to all studios and individual artists who sent in their material, allowing us to compile a selection of vvvvorks to show off what’s possible with vvvv.

Here is a listing of all contributors to the reel, in order of appearance:

Music: Ben Tanghe @ikbentanghe & Judith Rijsenbrij @judithrijsenbrij

What’s missing in this list of credits is all the community work that unknowingly went into these projects. Whether you took the time to share your expertise in forum or chat discussions or you produced tutorials or did a workshop or provide a library package, chances are, you helped enable one of these projects. Well done everyone!

And now back to patching, preparing your works for the next reel…




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