vvvvhat happened in May 2024

June 2, 2024 posted by: joreg

Here goes another month,

and with it came another release: vvvv gamma 6.4 is out! Please consult the change log for details and the download.

While we’re continuing with fixes here and there and should have another release following shortly, we’re also working on new core features: The big one is still “Global Channels” and all its many facets. Hoping to be able to show one of those things this month… And we have finally started work on a the long-awaited session-management, allowing you to save editor/extension bounds and then some more. Exciting weeks ahead…

Learning vvvv

In case you missed it, LINK - the vvvv summercamp is going into its 3rd round!

And then, June is FUSE time!

For the coming weeks, The NODE Institute’s vvvv intermediate workshops have a strong focus on the FUSE libraray.

Here is what you can learn in June:

You can also still get the FUSE bundle to get access to all 8 sessions at a discount.


Many thanks to those of you who help complete vvvv with countless additions! For an overview of libraries available for vvvv start here.

We got updates to the following:

Plus three enteries in the forum’s work-in-progress section:

Marshmallow Laser Feast’s EVOLVER at Festival De Cannes

Plus one publication:

  • “mandala” a research paper on using visual and sound art to translate crop physiology and responses to environmental stresses.


That was it for May. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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